BioEnergizer is a wholly Australian owned business servicing waste water remediation, sludge and odour control and fresh water weed control applications across a wide range of industries.

Waste water industries include:

    – Dairy farms and piggeries
    – Food Processing
    – Water authorities
    – Councils and shires
    – Mining
    – Abattoir

These products are designed to remediate overloaded wet wells, pump stations, pipes and lines, Imhoff Tanks, DAF’s, waste water ponds and waste water treatment plants.

Fresh water application for the control of floating weeds and all types of planktonic and filamentous algae include:

– ornamental ponds and lakes
farm dams
– golf course lakes and ponds
– irrigation ponds

We invite you to browse through our site, explore the wide variety of applications and projects we have undertaken, and see how we can provide a genuine, low cost solution to your water management issues.